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Best Marine Batteries in the market

Marine batteries are high performing batteries. The general idea that people have is that batteries are just to power the engine while they are starting. This might be true when it comes to batteries in cars. But the marine batteries have a lot more to do than just power the engine while starting. The marine batteries need to power various other electronics in the boat. These batteries are called as cycle batteries.

Buying a marine battery is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of things must be considered. The capacity of the battery, the size, maintenance of the battery and lot of other things. Compromising on the quality is not an option when it comes to buying a marine battery. Here are some of the best marine battery in the market.

Universal Power Group Sealed Lead Acid Battery

The Universal Power Group UB12350 is a deep cycle battery that comes in two variants of different capacities. The 35 Ah and the 75Ah. The battery uses valve regulated ABS case. Hence the battery is spill proof.  The battery is corrosion and maintenance free. It is very resistant to the vibration. So the position of the battery is the last thing that you need to worry. With thirty percent discharge, the UB12350 can produce 1200 cycles.

Vmaxtanks AGM marine Deep Cycle Batteries

The Vmaxtanks Vmax857 is a marine battery that has a capacity of thirty-five Ah. With a top quality build the Vmax8577 is a long-lasting, maintenance and spill free battery. The battery also has the capacity to charge quickly. Special treatment has been followed to build the battery plates to ensure high performance of the battery. At regular depths, the discharge of the battery is sixty percent. In the float mode, the life of the battery may vary from five to eight years.

Odyssey 31-PC215OS Marine Battery

The Odyssey 31-PC215OS is one of the best marine starting battery. It can produce a total of 1150 CCA. The battery is very dependable when it comes to speedy recovery and durability. It can also be trusted with long lifespan and service period. The Odyssey 31-PC215OS is very suitable for heavy duty use and Warcraft. The Odyssey 31-PC215OS uses the AGM construction. Hence it highly suitable for the very harsh environment. It can recover fully after four hundred cycles of eighty percentage depth of discharge. Many users say that the lifespan can vary between eight to twelve years.

Optima Batteries BlueTop Marine Starting Batteries

The Optima 8006-006 34M marine battery is a high performing battery. These batteries can deliver 800CCA even in harsh environments. The total capacity of the battery is 50Ah. The reserve capacity of the battery is a hundred minutes. The batteries are designed to have high resistance to vibration. This makes it the perfect choice for Warcraft. The Optima 8006-006 34M uses AGM technology. It has a spirally wound battery cell that is coated with lead oxide. The compact design of the battery makes it easily portable when compared to others in the market.…

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Tips for Transporting Your Boat, Kayak and More

Kayaking and boating are the most entertaining sports that help you stay active and healthy all the time. If you have purchased a boat, kayak or any other sports equipment for particular sport, you must keep in mind that transportation is the major aspect that may cause you some trouble. Usually, people consider renting a kayak or boat after reaching a specific spot. But we recommend that you must buy your own kayak or boat instead of relying on others.

There are many benefits that you can obtain when you have your own kayak or boat. You won’t have to rely on others and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on understanding the different features of a kayak. Similarly, you’d find it easier while riding your own kayak or boat. There are many other benefits of having your own kayak. However, we are not going to discuss the benefits anymore.

We are going to talk about the major problem you can face if you have your own boat or kayak. And we are going to provide you with different tips so that you may find a quick and effective solution to this problem. As we have mentioned before that the major issue you may face while having your own kayak is the transportation issue. And that’s the problem we are going to resolve here.

And we are 100% sure that you’d find these tips really helpful and you’d use them when going kayaking or rowing. Here are the transportation tips you can follow if you want to take your boat or kayak from one place to another.

Use a truck

The truck is the perfect option you can use to take your boat or kayak with you, especially if used with a kayak trailer. The truck can easily accommodate all the accessories that are necessary for a kayaking tour. And there will be enough room for you to place as many accessories as you want. However, if you are traveling to a strange location, you’d have to check out the directions before you start your journey. Also, make sure you use a dependable trailer.  Otherwise, you’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Kayak Cart

The Kayak cart can also be the perfect companion for you if you are traveling to a nearby place. The kayak cart strongly holds the kayak and it allows you to carry the kayak anywhere you want. If you considered holding the kayak in your hands, it may get slipped at some point. And it would get damaged instantly and it would also cause you some damage.

Expert’s help

If you don’t have your own vehicle to carry your accessories with you, you can simply take help from the experts that are always ready to help you out. Be careful though, as you always want to practice safe methods before boating or kayaking.  These experts would take your accessories from your home and deliver them to the particular destination. And then they would bring it back once you are free from using those accessories. And they will charge you a minimal amount for this service.…

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The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush – Building a skatepark on the water

Building a skatepark on the water is an ideal situation because it provides you a great opportunity to make it look attractive and interesting. However, it takes a lot of effort to build a skatepark that may grab the attention of skateboarders. In today’s article, we are going to share some important tips that you can use to build a skatepark on the water.

These tips would help in making this park more and more popular. Make sure that you try to apply these ideas in a realistic way.

3D technology

The 3D technology has become very popular these days. The use of 3D technology in your skatepark would help in changing the entire look of the article. There are plenty of ideas available that you can apply in your skatepark with the help of the 3D technology. You must hire an artist to do this job because artists have a better understanding of the techniques that are used in the 3D technology. Make sure that the styles you are going to apply in the park are relevant to the skateboarding.

The flames of fire and some other similar signs are found in most of the skateparks. Usually, the youngsters come to such parks, therefore, you must consider applying some energetic kind of designs that may make them feel energetic.

Use of glass

The use of glass is another brilliant idea that you can use in your skateboard park. The water running under the glass would present an amazing view. You can also use different colors of lights under the glass to make the park look more and more exciting. Make sure the glass you are using in your skatepark has the ability to bear the weight of skateboarders that are going to perform several stunts on it. The type of glass is another important thing that you must look for because the wrong type of glass would make it difficult for the players to move on it properly.

You may take help from an expert skateboarder to choose the right type of glass that may work as the perfect platform. Another important thing that you must keep in your mind is that the glass should be crystal clear and it should not show any kind of scratches on it otherwise, it will look very old and dull. You can keep the good quality skateboards in the park that may not leave any scratch on the glass. There is a wide range of skateboards available on the https://www.authorityadviser.com/best-electric-skateboards/. So, you can easily find the top quality skateboards in your park.


The use of fountains is another amazing idea that you can apply in your skatepark. However, you must keep in mind that the floor of the skatepark is completely water resistant otherwise, the water coming out of the fountains would damage the quality of floor and it would make it difficult for the skateboarders to move on the floor.…

Boat Buying Mistakes To Avoid

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Buying normal boats or wakeboarding boats can be an exciting time but there a number of mistakes you don’t want to make at this point. Most people purchase boats that they come to regret later on, only because they made hurried decisions. It is important that you carry out sufficient due diligence before acquiring that new toy you’ve been eyeing for a while. The following are common boat buying mistakes that people do.

  • Getting too small a boat

Boat buying and ownership is an expensive affair, so you’d expect most buyers to try and save by acquiring a small boat. The problem is that after just one season of use, you’d want to get a bigger boat. Trading the first boat for a second one will be even more expensive for you because it means you’ll be paying two sales commissions. The only way to save money is to buy a large enough boat the first time around.

  • Failing to get the boat inspected

Although a boat dealership or broker will want to adhere to industry regulations while selling their boats to maintain a good reputation, most private boat sellers will just want to offset their assets. They don’t exactly pay attention to compliance matters and may end up selling you a boat in bad shape. It is crucial that you get a boat inspector to determine if your new acquisition will require repairs or alterations to meet the standards of use. Unless you are an expert in boat matters, you risk ending up with a faulty vessel.

 boat inspected

  • Not considering resale value

Unless your plan is to own your new boat for the remainder of your life, chances are you will consider selling it at some point in time. This is why you should consider the potential resale value of the boat you are about to acquire. Although you might be getting a good deal presently, it might prove costly when you finally want to sell it in future. It doesn’t hurt to make this consideration before you start negotiating the price.

  • Squeezing the dealer too much

Most people assume that selling boats is like selling cars. While car dealers may operate on a measly 3-5 % margin, they make thousands of car sales each year. This is unlike a boat dealer that can only manage to sell a handful each year and still have to deal with cut-throat property taxes, mortgage payments, and other expenses. You need to remember that most boat dealers are in it not so much for the money but for the love of boating and boats. So you don’t need to make the situation sour by bargaining too hard.


  • Failing to consider future needs

When people are buying boats, one common mistake is that they don’t stop to think about how they’ll want to utilize the vessel as they get older. Remember that you might be acquiring the boat as newlyweds, so you have to think about the kids you are going to have or pets you are going to adopt;

generally how the family is going to expand. You also want to buy a boat that will suit your lifestyle as most boats are made for a specific purpose.…